Day 1: Orientation

by Ben Collins

I know what you’re thinking: SLAM finally got a column dissecting college ball and they pick the one with the tacky, Dick Vitale-like school-related puns in every article.

No, we wouldn’t do that to U.


I’m Ben Collins and this is Undeclared. Over the next couple of weeks, you’ll find out my loving relationship with mid-majors, my pure and unadulterated hate relationship with Duke (which comes standard on most sane, logical human beings). You’ll even learn of my love/hate relationship with The Streets. You’ll figure out that my column has nothing to do with that awful cancelled Fox sitcom that was brought to my attention post-naming process. You’ll see my roots that tie back to a Dairy Queen in Dallas, Texas.

I have to warn you: I may slip into week-long tangents talking about how underrated DJ M’Benga is, how I feel guilty being the only straight guy in America watching Grey’s Anatomy on Sunday nights, and how I’m currently vacationing in Scot Pollard’s hair.

But, after all, that’s what this is: Undeclared.