Kuran Iverson Jordan Brand Classic Diary 2

While he spends the next few days in New York City for the 2013 Jordan Brand Classic at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, Kuran Iverson will share his experience with SLAMonline. Check daily to read up on his preparation leading up to Saturday night’s highly anticipated game. As many of you may know, Iverson is a cousin of NBA great Allen Iverson. The 6-8 wing is headed to Memphis and is considered one of the top prep players in the nation. For more on the game, including how to buy tickets, rosters, and alumni, visit the game’s official website JordanBrandClassic.com.

As told to Franklyn Calle

Yesterday we got up at around 9 a.m. and ate breakfast as a team. We then had practice from 10 a.m. to noon. This was the first time that many of us played with each other so we just took the time to get used to each other on the court a little better. It was good team chemistry. I think we all played well. I hit a couple of jumpers. We just got up and down the court and learned a couple of plays. We all get along very well off the court, too. I would say the comedian of the group so far has been Rondae Jefferson. He’s just funny and can make every laugh at any time. It was also media day so after practice we got a few interviews in.

When we got back to the hotel we just kicked back and relaxed for a while. Then we went to the office of Sports Illustrated. We met the Director and the other people that make the magazine. It was very interesting to hear how the process went about in publishing one. I learned a lot there. I learned that in order for you to get into the magazine you have to work really hard because it’s a very selective process.

After that, we went back to the hotel and relaxed for the rest of the day. We mainly played video games. We have an arcade room. There’s also a PlayStation 3 there for us, where we played NBA 2k13. We also played Nintendo 64. That was my first time playing 64, actually. We played games like Goldeneye. I beat everyone in that game. We also played Mario Kart; it was me, Chris Walker, Andrew Wiggins and Aaron Gordon. I played Andrew Wiggins and won that one. We also played Ping Pong… and I kind of destroyed Aaron Gordon in one game.

That’s basically for now. Check back later to fill you in on how Friday went.