NCAA Has Not Interviewed Cliff Alexander In Eligibility Investigation

There are still some questions regarding whether or not Kansas freshman big man Cliff Alexander will return to the team this year. Alexander is out indefinitely after questions popped up regarding his eligibility, and according to Jayhawks coach Bill Self, the squad is proceeding under the assumption that he will not be around this year.

Alexander’s availability could be tied to the speed in which the NCAA gets to addressing his case. According to his attorney, Alexander has turned over phone records and bank statements, and he is currently waiting for the NCAA—which reportedly wants more information before talking to Alexander—to call him in for an interview.

From ESPN:

The attorney for Cliff Alexander said Thursday that the Kansas freshman is waiting for the NCAA to interview him and has otherwise complied with the NCAA’s investigation into potential impermissible benefits.


Attorney Paul K. Stafford said in a statement that Alexander has turned over his telephone records, text message records and bank statements but that the NCAA has refused to interview him, instead requesting more information.


“Mr. Alexander has been ready, willing and able to be interviewed since March 2, yet he has been informed that the NCAA will not interview him until they receive additional documents that are not his documents, the content of which he has no knowledge, and documents which have never been in his control or possession,” the statement read in part.


Kansas announced prior to its game against Texas on Feb. 28 that Alexander would not play due to an NCAA issue. Yahoo! Sports reported that the NCAA was investigating whether someone in Alexander’s family received impermissible benefits from an NBA agent. The website also reported that a UCC file tied Alexander’s mother, Latillia, with a finance company that specializes in loans to professional athletes and agents.