Quincy Miller: Diary No. 2

October 7, 2010

by Quincy Miller / @qmillertime

Hey. Not much going on right now, just going to school and getting ready to start practice in November. I’m excited, because I think we’re going to be one of the best teams in the country. I got a shout-out to all my teammates in the next SLAM Magazine, so make sure you check that out in a couple weeks.

I never had a chance to talk about that Elite 24 game out in Cali. That was a great experience. I was out there with my brother Deuce Bello, and you know I helped him out a little bit in the dunk contest — make sure you check the video!

I definitely had some players on my team, guys like Brad Beal — I heard he’s in the new SLAM, too — and Kyle Wiltjer, so that was a lot oQuincy Millerf fun. Who was I impressed by? Definitely Austin Rivers, of course, that’s no surprise. That’s my guy. I like the way James McAdoo plays, Adonis Thomas, my little brother Quinn Cook, DaJuan Coleman, and Jabari Brown — I like his game a lot, too. I pretty much expected everyone to be good. Personally, I went out there trying show off my game, prove I’m one of the best players, but also just trying to have fun.

Then a couple weeks ago, we had this ScoutsFocus tournament down here in Greensboro. It was great. I had a little battle with some kid from down here. I guess you could say his “people” were on the sideline cheering him on, coming at me hard, and we were down eight or nine in the first half.

So then I went and scored 18 straight in the second quarter, and we won by 16.

I think he kinda got caught up in the hype a little bit, but it’s like that sometimes. Me? I love those moments.

What else? I saw The A-Team. That was real exciting, I liked it a lot. Oh, and I saw Takers, too, that’s a real good movie. The guys at SLAM asked me if I’ve ever seen a movie I didn‘t like, but you know I usually get suggestions before I go. Maybe one of these days I’ll go see something bad on purpose so I can give it a review. Oh, and I just got the Boondocks on DVD, too. You know I’m really enjoying that.

Well, that’s about it … what, you thought I forgot about my college list? Well, I got news: I got it down to five. My top five right now is Duke, Oklahoma, Marquette, Baylor and Louisville. My reasons? I mean, Duke is Duke. With Oklahoma, I played for Coach Capel with USA Basketball over the summer, and I think I could definitely play for him. Marquette is close to home — even though I’m down in North Carolina, I’m still a Chicago boy — and I feel like they teach well and go hard. With Baylor, I feel like Coach Drew is a genuine person, and he lets his guys excel. And Louisville, they’ve been recruiting me hard, and Coach Pitino is a Hall of Famer. So that’s where I stand. If your school’s not here, they’re not on my list.

Alright, check me out in the magazine in a couple weeks, and I’ll be back here next month.


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