Reggie Miller Called Stanley Johnson the ‘Reincarnation of LeBron James’

Stanley Johnson is a stud freshman for the No. 2 seed Arizona Wildcats, who made light work of 15-seeded Texas Southern today in the West region, 93-72. Johnson—a former SLAM All-American—scored 22 points and grabbed five rebounds, leading ‘Zona to an easy win.

Late in the first half, Johnson delivered a ferocious tomahawk dunk after blowing past his defender. (You can watch the video here.) That prompted Reggie Miller to say this:

“Manchild. I’m sorry, I mean, we may be seeing the reincarnation of LeBron James. I mean, LeBron James had this type of body at his age. I mean, He just goes baseline, there’s no help… and obviously the finish and the elevation and the athleticism here by Stanley Johnson.”

Again, you can listen to Reggie say that here.

We consider ourselves some of the biggest fans of Stanley Johnson around, but Reggie is out of his damn mind on this one. Just stop it. He’s not LeBron James.