Sweet Home Alabama

By Corie Muhammad

The state of Alabama is known through the world primarily for two things, the cradle for the modern civil rights movement, and its love of football. I would like to add a third notice to that list, High School basketball. The state of Alabama has produced the likes of Charles Barkley, Chuck and Wesley Persons, Ben Wallace, Robert Horry, Gerald Wallace and a host of others. You would think with this type of basketball pedigree coming out of “Alabama the beautiful” that its reputation for producing prep all stars would be more noted. Well that is about to change. If you don’t already know, let me introduce you to one of the top High School basketball players in all of America, Jymycal Green.

Jymycal has started off the 2007-2008 bball season with a bang. He has averaged around 30 points, 10 rebounds, 3 blocks and 4 assists in three top notch Holiday tournaments. Those tournaments include the nationally ranked Leflore High School Thanksgiving Invitational in Mobile, Alabama, The Amare Stoudemire Invitational Classic in Orlando, Florida, and the Peach State Classic in Atlanta, Georgia. The people in Atlanta likely will need new rims, because Jymycal had at least 25 dunks over the entire 5 day event. And yes just in case you were wondering, there were other big men that he was playing against. I recently had a chance to ask the prep phenomenon a few questions.

Slam: What school do you attend?
JG: I attend St. Jude High School located in Montgomery, Alabama.

Slam: We know that you recently committed to Alabama, but tell our readers what other universities were recruiting you?
JG: I was fortunate to have the attention of a lot of schools such as Alabama, Auburn, Old Miss, Georgia Tech, the Florida Gators, Kentucky, and the University of Virginia. All of those schools were heavily recruiting me.

Slam: Wow, those are some big time programs I n major conferences. I heard that you had a really good showing this past summer, what tournaments did you play in?
JG: I played in KingsWood, The NBA top 100 camp, and the Amare Stoudemire camp.

Slam: The word down here is that you dominated some top names, who did you play against and how did you do? What kind of numbers did you put up?
JG: I played against the number 1 rated player in the country, Greg Monroe, I gave him 36 points and he had 6 points against me.

Slam: what are some of the other accomplishments you have achieved thus far?
JG: We won an Alabama High School state championship my 10th grade year, which was 05-06. I was also nominated for the Alabama player of the year award twice, my sophomore and junior year. I was also nominated for the “LIFE STAR” award. I am also on the honor roll.

Slam: That is excellent, and I must say that you are well spoken and a very nice young man as well.
JG: Thank you.

Slam: Any final words?
JG: I would like to thank My family for their support of me, I would like to thank my coach William Brown, and my team mates because we are all in this together. I also would like to thank St. Jude High School because they always support the team. Lastly I want to thank Slam magazine.