The Best Comparison Ever?

I have a confession to make: I just read a Chad Ford column.

OK, his blog, actually. I clicked over to and wanted to see what he had to say about Greg Oden. Nothing too exciting on that front—the gist of it is that he’s really good, he came back a month early from wrist surgery, and he’ll be the number one pick in the NBA Draft whenever he wants to be. He just used a lot more words to say it.

But then I kept reading. The next piece was on the Kansas/Florida game, and the performances of (and scouting reports on) the most NBA-ready guys. And in the part about Julian Wright, there was this:

“He reminds me of a mix between Kevin Garnett and Boris Diaw,” one executive told me. “He’s got Garnett’s energy and athleticism, and he combines with with Diaw’s versatility and basketball savvy. If he continues to attack that way on the offensive end, the kid’s a top-five pick. You can’t teach what he has.”

I mean, what kind of comparison is that? In combination, I mean. Is Boris Diaw really more versatile and BASKETBALL SAVVY than Kevin freaking Garnett? Boris might be more French than Kevin, but that’s about the only comparison where he comes ahead. Well, except age. And weight. Did Boris’s name even have to be mentioned? I’m thinking this nameless executive works for the Suns.

Don’t mind me if this doesn’t make any sense, it’s 1 a.m. and I’ve got a cold.