The NBA G League May Not Have a 2020-21 Season

Over the past 20 years, the NBA G League has become integral to the development of young and inexperienced players as well as a place for them to finish their rehab from injuries. In fact, within the past couple of years, nearly every NBA team made a G League team their official affiliate franchise.

The G League has also been making headway as an alternative for high school prospects — such as the highly-touted Jalen Green — who want to bypass college on their way to the NBA Draft. It’s been used for coaches and front office executives as a way to hone their craft.

Frankly, it would be a major blow to the league if the G League was unable to continue, especially with the league just scratching the surface of the possibilities their ‘minor league’ provides. Yet, that just may be the case.

According to the New York Post’s Marc Berman, there may not be a 2020-21 for the G League due to the Coronavirus crisis.

According to industry sources, there have been discussions of various scenarios for a G-League campaign, including not holding one at all and expanding NBA rosters instead.

One plan could feature having a handful of week-long G League showcases in a bubble setting to ensure young players stay active. If a more normalized G League season is attempted, sources said it would have to be with a regionalized schedule to reduce travel.

Whether it’s regional bubbles, a set number of G League showcases within a bubble, or further expansion to NBA rosters to incorporate what would have been G League players, all are plausible options for the league looking forward.

In fact, they’re likely to be more appealing scenarios than cancelling the 2020-21 G League season altogether (although the concerns about travel and the G League’s budget are legitimate).

Despite the shadow of doubt that’s been cast over the NBA’s immediate future, one has to hope that they find a way to preserve as much normalcy as possible while they maneuver around pandemic-related restrictions.