Manny Pacquiao’s New Basketball League Doesn’t Allow Hoopers Over 6-4

Manny Pacquiao is known for being a rabid hoops fan, and now the renowned boxer is starting his own League in the Philippines. There’s a slight catch, though, for those wanting to compete: you can’t be too tall.

Per Dodo Catacutan of Esquire Philippines:

“Days ago, officials in a basketball league Pacquiao owns (eponymously named MPBL) enforced a rule limiting teams to only one Fil-foreign player who could be no taller than 6-4. Meaning, any passport-bearing Filipino player with foreign blood, whether born here or overseas, has to fight for that one spot open in each of the MPBL’s 26 teams. Additionally, should this Fil-foreigner happen to have been sired by a tall dad and had grown a shade over 6-feet-4, sorry na lang siya. That’s it for him!”

Pacquiao, who stands at just 5-5, spent three years as a player-coach for the Philippine Basketball Association’s Kia Picanto. The renowned boxer appeared in nine games and scored 0.8 points per game.

Check out Pacquiao’s hoop highlights in the video below.