Air Yeezy Drops Saturday

by April 03, 2009

by Chris O’Leary

After a solid year’s buildup, Kanye West’s Nike Air Yeezy is hitting stores in a limited capacity on Saturday April 4. All three House of Hoops locations (New York, Chicago and Los Angeles) plus the Foot Locker and Foot Action on 34th ave. in NYC will be stocked with the much maligned and hyped sneak.airyeezy

Normally when a limited-release sneaker drops, you get your HOH releases and you call it a day. Living ridiculously far from any of these stores, a shoe like the Air Yeezy wouldn’t remotely be an option for myself or other sneakerheads north of the U.S. border.

That all changes tomorrow, my Canadian friends.

The Air Yeezy will be available at Livestock locations in Toronto and Vancouver (West 4th), as well as at Foosh in my hometown of Edmonton and at NORML in Ottawa.

Regardless of which side of the border you’re on, the campouts are already in effect for the shoe. I spoke with someone at Livestock in Toronto at 1 p.m. ET and they said that they’ve got more people outside waiting for the shoes than they have shoes in the store. Foosh and NORML have extremely limited quantities, so a lot of campers/early risers will be disappointed tomorrow morning. I’d say the same could be said for a lot of U.S. campers as well.