Andrew Wiggins Renovates Hometown Rec Center Courts (PHOTOS)

by February 16, 2016
Andrew Wiggins

There’s been a story going around for years that the when he was a ninth grader, Andrew Wiggins had shattered a backboard on a dunk at his local community court, the Dufferin Clark Community Centre. It was almost a myth that has now become an urban legend. He returned to the scene of the now-famous dunk and when asked about it, with a shy smile, he simply said, “I didn’t think I dunked it that hard really.”

That drew a laugh from the people gathered in the gym. Wiggins goes further to describe how scared he was to tell the staff that the glass backboard was in pieces on the floor and that he was the reason for it. It’s always an issue to replace rims and backboards at any community center when stuff like this happens. That was then. From now on, there will be no more issues with getting replacement glass at the Dufferin Clark.

Wiggins and adidas have come together to not only refurbish the community center court that he spent hours practicing on, they also have a multi-year investment as a way to give back to the community that jump-started the 2015 Rookie of the Year’s love for the game and provided a place to play.

During the event, which had 125 mesmerized youth in attendance, Wiggins told campers about his many times in the gym and the excitement he had coming home from school to get on the court. He told the campers of the times he would have to wait on his turn to play with the big kids and the giddiness he had when he was finally allowed to play with his older brothers Mitchell and Nick.

He made references to the community and how important it was to him growing up, in the game and life. The court now has six new glass backboards and two shooting guns for the next Andrew Wiggins to work out with.

Clearly, doing this for the center was important to Andrew. His face lit up with very story he told about being in the gym and this place clearly holds a special place for him. He described the event as the highlight of his year and this statement should speak volumes to the person that he is.

Wiggins’ ties run too deep in this community to let NBA superstardom overshadow that. Ever the humble person, he hugged parents, took pictures with everyone, and all while sporting a genuine smile. These are his people, and even though his name and picture are now on the walls of the gym, this is their place first.


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