Crash the (Message) Boards

by Lang Whitaker

The remix continues. If you haven’t noticed, things have changed a lot around here at over the last few months. The website is a lot easier for us to run, and we’re adding about ten times as much content as we used to throw up on the old site. I hope you guys are liking it as much as Sam and I are. I know it’s a little confusing at first, but we didn’t want to dumb it down for you guys — you’re smart, you’ll figure it out.

As of this morning, the new SLAM message boards have gone live. We’re starting from scratch, so have fun on there and be polite to your fellow posters. We’ll eventually be looking for some moderators to help us keep an eye on things over there, so if you want one of those gigs, get to posting.

To get to the message boards, click on the “FORUMS” link in the top navigation bar. That’ll take you here.

And hey…have fun. It’s just basketball, after all.