Diadora Collabs with Seven Sneaker Boutiques for ‘Seoul to Rio’ Collection (KICKS)

by August 02, 2016

With the help of CNCPTS, Hanon, KITH, Packer, Patta, Solebox and 24 Kilates, Diadora is releasing seven new sneakers to mark the 28 years it’s been since the Seoul Olympics, when the brand’s IC 4000 and Intrepid silhouettes first came out.


Two releases will take place; one in Europe and another in the US, pertaining to each store’s region. Collaborators of the IC 4000 – Hanon, Patta, 24 Kilates and Solebox and the Intrepid – Kith, Packer and CNCPTS. The first drop will be the IC 4000 model on August 6th in Europe retailing for 180(Euro), followed by the Intrepid release on August 20th in the US retailing for 170(USD). There will be a limited edition of 500 pcs and all models available are unisex except, for CNCPTS and 24 Kilates offered only in men’s. The entire collection will later include apparel, made available in September and for purchase exclusively in Rio and Tokyo at two exclusive pop-up “From Seoul To Rio” stores.

Photos courtesy of Diadora