Dynamo the (Adidas)superstar

By Konate Primus

Everyone wants to be a star and it most definitely is possible, you can be whatever you want in this world, but in order to be a superstar you have to have a certain special quality. Something that leaves people with their mouth’s open, always wanting more and more after every performance. A quality so undeniable it leaves both your friends and foes in disbelief greatness. Muhammad Ali was a superstar, Michael Jackson, Jesse Owens, Run DMC, those guys were superstars. Gilbert Arenas Has superstar-esque qualities but he needs some fine tuning. The difference between those guys and their competition aside from being the best at their craft is they moved the crowd every single time they performed. Muhammad Ali dancing around the ring along with his loud antics. Michael Jackson with his gold underwear and glitter glove gliding across the stage. Run DMC rocking gold rope chains, shell toes, Kangol hats and Rev Run’s “no one is better than me and I can prove it” swagger is what separated them from everyone else.

Now there is a new superstar among us and he goes by the name Dynamo. The magician from the UK turning heads world wide and doing it in a 3 stripe fashion! Dynamo is known in the UK as the Hip Hop magician, captivating audiences with his unique brand of street magic. Most recently seen dazzling Miami locals with his unique brand of magic and exposing the city’s rich, local flavor through the eyes of an Englishman on holiday. To truly capture all of Miami’s essence, Dynamo visited Little Havana, the Arts district, South Beach, locals-only hang-outs, and other areas off the beaten path, mesmerizing a wide cross-section of interesting people with his street magic.

Check it out for yourself, just click on the films button. I thought it’s quite interesting, dude is sick!