The new Jordan is here

by February 13, 2009

by Konate Primus

AIR JORDAN XX3 in January 2008, the sneaker world debated a great question: Will there be an AIR JORDAN XX4? 24 is such a odd number… has no significance to MJ except it’s the first number after 23 on the way to 45 but it makes no sense to go all the way up to 45. So Jordan 24 is out the window but that doesn’t mean the Jordan brand is limited to Team Jordan’s, CP3s and Melo boots passed off for hoop shoes. It’s simply means they will be retiring the labels “AIR JORDAN I through XX3” to keep Michael Jordan’s legacy special.

“Throughout the first 23 years of the AIR JORDAN franchise, we challenged ourselves and the industry by producing athletic footwear beyond the limits of what was possible,” said Michael Jordan. “The AIR JORDAN 2009 ushers in a new chapter for the Brand–it is the embodiment of what we can do and sets the course for the next 23 years for the franchise.” Personally I thought ending with 23 was a brilliant move. In my mind, they kind of restored the brand name with the a good looking great hoop shoe. The 23 made me forgive the brand for such atrocities such as the 18s, 21s and certain color ways of the 22s.

In less fthe 24 hours, basketball’s supreme sneaker brand will walk into new territory with the new Jordan 09. Constructed by a Chicago-bred Jordan fanatic, Jordan Brand’s senior footwear designer Jason Mayden. Mayden Grew up in Chicago watching MJ play and longed for his shoes like much of the world but where the rest of the world stopped Mayden pushed the envelope. “I grew up wanting a pair of air Jordan’s just like the next kid but mom’s could afford them. That’s when I knew I wanted to one day design my own air Jordan” Jason began as a intern doing “b!tch” work around the office and being the butt of company pranks.” My first assignment was shoe laces, I went home and stayed up all night designing so many different pairs only to find out it was a office prank”.  But that office prank would display his talents and dedication and is a big part of the reason he has made his dream come to life with the technologically advance Jordan Air Jordan 200909. “When designing the AIR JORDAN 2009, I wanted to take the shoe beyond expected limits of what consumers know from the franchise and create something ahead of its time,” said JM. “Its futuristic technology and design elements will help propel Jordan Brand towards even greater levels of innovation and style as it delivers the best performance shoe available today.”

It seems like every time a new shoe comes out there’s some kind of new technological breakthrough, but as someone who wears basketball sneakers at least 300 days a year I cant tell the difference in all of these new found technologies. But there is something about this new tech that makes me believe in Jordan Brand. Maybe it’s the name for starters, sounds so convincing. The AIR JORDAN 2009 incorporates a new, innovative technology in basketball footwear called Articulated Propulsion Technology, or APT. The carbon fiber prosthetic running technology used by Paralympians such as April Holmes, a Team Jordan track and field athlete and the world record holder in the 100, 200 and 400-meter races. Holmes inspired designers to incorporate those elements into the shoe and results in its futuristic look. Following the same basic form as the prosthesis Holmes wore during her gold medal 100-meter race for the 2008 Paralympics, the AIR JORDAN 2009’s APT allows the athlete to explosively and quickly propel forward on the court. Along with Holmes’s inspiration comes in a special aspect of MJ’s game or life. This time they choose to use MJ’s cutting and defensive abilities. Apparently MJ is more proud of what he did without the ball in his hand than scoring buckets on the opposition. Jordan brand execs lead us to believe. “We looked at a lot of different sports that have similar movement and where you would need to changed direction fast and fencing was the most applicable to what we were looking for.” When studying the fencing shoes they found tighter fits are better for slashing, cutting and keeping the defense on its toes. So maybe just maybe this time the technology they propose actually does make a difference in the shoe.

Take it from me, I’m an avid user of fencing shoes.

Reatil price $190 ( ouch!).