Kicks: Shaq’s Final PE

by Chris O’Leary / @olearychris

All Shaquille O’Neal wanted these last five years was one more Championship. Had The Big Cactus/Shamrock/uhh…Cavalier?  managed to hug one more Larry O’Brien trophy in any of his final pit stops after Miami, he likely would have called it a career well before Wednesday. Or in the case of this year’s Celtics, at the conclusion of this year’s Finals.

Li-Ning, who will go down as Shaq’s final shoe endorser, had the big fella covered in case the C’s got back to playing in June again this year. The company’s Chinese site released pics of the Li-Ning Big Shamrock Finals Edition in a Celtics’ home PE.

Check the shoe out in the gallery below and while you’re at it, look back at Shaq’s career in sneakers in this gallery we put together at the end of March.


Info on Finals shoe via CK.