Kicks: Under Armour Christmas PEs

by December 23, 2011


Images courtesy of Under Armour

Under Armour has finally revealed its Christmas PEs for this season, to be worn by the likes of Brandon Jennings, Kemba Walker, Derrick Williams and Greivis Vasquez. We’re told that since none of those four guys will actually be playing on Christmas Day, it’s still unknown if the NBA will allow them to rock these exclusives. But if they appear on-court next week, here’s your preview, one by one:

Jennings — Micro G Bloodline Rudolph PE

*   Reindeer themed colorway
*   Synthetic fur with red toe (Rudolph)
*   Jingle Bell graphics on strap
*   Red and Green stitching

Vasquez — Micro G Juke Greivis Vasquez Christmas PE

*   Traditional red and green colorway
*   Feliz Navidad in tongue liner
*   GV logo on back heel

Walker — Micro G Juke Kemba Christmas PE

*   Red and Velocity colorway

Williams — Micro G Supersonic Derrick Williams PE

*   Silver, Green and Red colorway