Nike Kyrie S1 Hybrid to Release on Friday

Kyrie Irving debuted the then-unnamed Nike Kyrie S1 Hybrid before the first game of the 2017-18 season in Cleveland. He wore a black, white and blue version of the hybrid silhouette for warmups, immediately sparking interest in the never-before-seen sneaker.

Nike Kyrie 3

We spoke to a source at Nike the day after the game who confirmed the sneaker “includes outsole & studded heel from Kyrie 1, strap & collar from 2 and forefoot & tongue of 3.” But we weren’t given a release date for the “What the Kyrie.”

This second colorway features a mix of suede, canvas, denim. It has graphics on the collar, insole and on the midfoot strap and is made up of a black, blue, orange, brown and beige coloring.

The S1 Hybrid appears to be dropping this Friday, but Nike hasn’t confirmed that either. Stay ready for a quickstrike release at some point soon.


Nike’s officially launching the Nike Kyrie S1 Hybrid on Friday, December 8 for $130.

The Swoosh says:

The “What The” series is a cumulative celebration of the greatest elements from the greatest sneakers. Enshrining product and people with a legacy of achievements. Paying homage to the individual stories that have collectively shaped the Kyrie legend. The Kyrie S1 Hybrid “What The Kyrie” is a combination of materials, details, and colors from Kyrie’s first three shoes, mixed together to create what he considers the best of the best.

Nike Kyrie S1 Hybrid Nike Kyrie S1 Hybrid Nike Kyrie S1 Hybrid

h/t Sneaker Bar Detroit