Reebok Classics x The Couch Sessions Instagram Contest (UPDATE)

by March 21, 2013

This month Reebok is getting ready for the summer days with their all white releases. You will start to see the Ex-O-Fit, Workout Mid, Freestyle, Workout Mid, and of course, the Classic Leather in the well-known all white soft grain leather. Want to win a Reebok Classics swag bag that includes a pair of white Reebok Classic Leathers, snapback, and exclusive accessories? Here’s your chance. Reebok and The Couch Sessions are teaming up this week to celebrate Classic Leather, one of the most iconic Reebok silhouettes in footwear history and one that’s being revived in 2013—the shoe’s 30th anniversary.

If you have Instagram, you can win. Here’s how:

The contest will go until the end of the month of March. Photos will be based on the following:

1.      Users must upload pic with @couchsessions and @reebokclassics using #Classic30th

2.      Incorporation of the Reebok Classic brand

3.      Highlighting the history of Reebok dating back 30 years from now