The day of the Yao

by August 20, 2008

By Konate Primus

Day 12, and the Chinese have an outrageous lead in the medals race 45 gold 14 silver and 20 bronze to our 26 gold 28 silver and 28 bronze. Tonight Yao and company go up against Lithuania in the medal rounds so more than likely they’ll be adding another medal to those numbers.

We lead in overall medals but we are lacking heavily in the gold department. Most of China’s w’s seem fair and square but a few coming by way of “13yr old girls” without adult teeth but, talent is talent so I will acknowledge their dominance and pride with this next shoe.

Houston Rocket superstar center, the most recognizable athlete in china. 7 foot 6, (2feet of head) China’s very own Yao Ming!

Today’s guest is : Reebok Hexride Yao Ming, Olympic edition