The Weis Stuff

by September 05, 2006

by Lang Whitaker

Yo. So I’m back from a long weekend in Paris with Wifey (more on that later), and I’m jetlagged and dragging a little, but this just can’t wait…

Linkstigator Holger over in Germany writes…

Hi Lang…Another thing from the World Championships I just saw: In the game between Germany and France, I saw some ridiculous stuff. On the left side of the pic, you can see Mr. Fred Weis. OK, that alone may already be ridiculous, but look at his shoes. He’s wearing VINCE CARTER SHOES !!!! How in the hell can he do that without getting those flashbacks…

That’s really quite remarkable, Holger.

Perhaps Freddy has a better sense of humor than we thought, or maybe he was just trying to be ironic (he is wearing a headband after all). Did his Nike rep play a joke on him?
Just thought we should commemorate that here.