Under Armour Curry 6 Officially Unveiled

by December 11, 2018

The Under Armour Curry 6 is built to keep up with Stephen Curry‘s nonstop on-court movement. His team at UA discovered that he runs about 2.3 miles per game and when that’s all added up over the course of his season, it equals a ton of stress on his legs and feet. To combat that wear and tear, Leon Gu, the lead designer on the Curry 6, modeled the silhouette after a running sneaker.

“We wanted to design a shoe that was more like a running shoe for him,” Gu says. “We put full-length HOVR that gives impact absorption and energy return.”

Under Armour Curry 6 Under Armour Curry 6 Under Armour Curry 6 Under Armour Curry 6 Under Armour Curry 6 Under Armour Curry 6

There’s also a new traction pattern and a split outsole design, to help Curry’s feet.

“The Curry 6 gives me the ultimate confidence that no matter what move I try, change of direction, change of speed, the amount of wear and tear I put on my body over the course of 48 minutes, that it is going to ride with me the whole way,” Curry says. The lead Curry 6 colorway is inspired by a staple of The Town. The “Fox Theatre” 6 takes its bright color cues from the famous theater in Oakland. It’s set to drop on January 4 for $130.
Original photos by @creativewest, Atiba Jefferson