Thanasis Antetokounmpo Ranks his Brothers’ Style, Lists Top Five Kicks on ‘Survival of the Fitted’

Thanasis Antetokounmpo is a winner both on and off the court. The 2021 NBA Champion, who was recently named to the 2021-22 LeagueFits Honorable Mention team, recently chopped it up with LeagueFits’ Ian Pierno and Joe Williams on Survival of the Fitted. Antetokounmpo discussed his fashion sense, his character in the movie “RISE” and how he’s evolving his style beyond just throwing on a simple Nike Tech Fleece.

“This was my first year that I started wearing stuff,” Antetokounmpo said on Survival of the Fitted. “Like started saying to myself ‘you know what, I’m gonna actually wear stuff to the game.’”

“Fashion is what you express, how you express yourself,” Antetokounmpo later added. “It doesn’t have to do with luxury brands or athletic apparel, street apparel, it doesn’t have to do with what you’re going to wear exactly. It’s more how you express yourself through the outfit.”

On the pod, Thanasis also ranked his brothers’ fashion sense and revealed his top five favorite kicks. Get active and listen to the podcast below.

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