Sixers In-Arena Host Christian Crosby Releases First Single, ‘Insecure’

by July 15, 2020

Christian Crosby. If you don’t know the name yet, you will soon. The Voorhees, NJ native is the in-arena host for the Philadelphia 76ers and founder of Live Life Nice, which is a cause-driven digital media and apparel company. Live Life Nice was created in 2014 by Crosby and its focus is on inspiring, motivating and empowering people to be nice and do nice.

The company produces and distributes original, moving content that tells impactful stories about extraordinary people being nice and doing nice. The other side of the company is his clothing line. The apparel provides an opportunity for cause-minded people to represent live life Nice’s core mission, which is to inspire those around them.

Crosby was a trampoline dunker with the 76ers at the age of 18 when his lively personality caught the eye of the team and landed him a full-time position as the in-arena host. Crosby brings life to on-court contests, promotions and interactive features and his halftime performances are an integral part of the game experience.

The multifaceted mogul is also a musician and recently released his first single entitled “Insecure.” Creating this song helped Crosby step out of his comfort zone and walk into his destiny of conquering his fears, insecurities and doubts. Give it a listen and check out the official video above.

The original art (below) consisted of visuals (goldfish, balloons) that were symbolic of “childhood innocence and total freedom, wisdom and health.” Through the exploration of music, Crosby realizes he can express himself in ways he wasn’t able to before and reveal his true thoughts to the world.

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How far can we go before moving forward requires us to get out of our comfort zone? I found myself asking this very question after realizing I have yet to face many personal hang ups and insecurities due to staying in my comfort zone. I have spent the majority of my life in some way comfortable. In a safe place mentally, spiritually, and economically. Through my life I’ve naturally found ways to hide behind my insecurities, my fears, and my true self. I’ve used my sense of humor, my creativity, and my success to hide the real me. I’ve finally reached a point where I won’t be able to grow unless I evolve. I have to get out of my comfort zone and discover my true self. I believe this is the only way to achieve true happiness and fulfill my true purpose in life. As I begin this journey for myself, I encourage others to do the same. Why not? I hope my music inspires that. You will also notice my music uses consistent visuals of goldfish & balloons, which are symbolic of childhood innocence and total freedom, wisdom and wealth. The balloon represents high spirits and hope. The goldfish are symbolic of good luck in the form of tranquility, and long life. By exploring music I’ve discovered that I can express myself in ways I was unable to before… and I’m starting with this first song “Insecure”. Get out of your comfort zone. I’m getting out of mine. ‪June 19th.‬ Everywhere.

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By his many talents, Crosby has shown that he is force to be reckoned with. His bright, energetic and positive spirit is certainly needed in this time. Be sure to check out Crosby on the court at a Sixers game and through his new music career.

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