DJ Monk-One ‘When We Were Fly’ Mixtape (AUDIO)

by February 13, 2015

Brooklyn’s own New York Knicks-obsessed DJ Monk-One recently released a mixtape collaboration, “When We Were Fly,” in homage to the golden age of professional basketball. Highlighted by the appearances of such NBA superstars as Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Dr. J, Patrick Ewing, Dominique Wilkins, Jason Kidd and Manute Bol, among many others, “When We Were Fly” documents the rise of NBA basketball via musical nuggets and highlight reels.

It’s a flawless 44-plus minutes of funk, soul, disco, boogie and rap, marked with classic moments and secret histories. If you love basketball and soul music but have never heard the Ultramagnetic MC’s 1989 All-Star Game introductions, Montell Jordan’s paean to the San Antonio Spurs, or Momentum’s “Here Come the Sixers,” you haven’t really lived.