A Beastly Interview with Perk

By Sam Rubenstein

Perkisabeast.com. I first found out about this site when they took exception to Mutoni putting ol’ Tommy points on the worst announcer list. Water under the bridge. they specialize in giving love to a young NBA player that could use some. Yesterday PIAB secured an interview with their man, and asked him about beasting out for their beastment tapes.
Highlights include:

I just gotta pick my spots to be a beast, that’s all I gotta learn.

I got a big body so I can do a lot of bangin’, and pushing people around.

PIAB: What does perk put on the stereo to impress the ladies?
PERK: Is my girl gonna hear this?

I guarantee we’ll make the playoffs.

They also got some quotes from Wally Sczhjsfbrk including perhaps a hidden shot at KG’s lack of clutchness (in wally’s opinion), and they spoke to Allan Ray and Gerald Green. Well done, PIAB. Well done.