Adam Silver Expects ‘One-and-Done’ Rule to Change

by October 17, 2017

NBA commissioner Adam Silver says it’s “clear a change will come” to the League’s “one-and-done” rule for the Draft.

Silver, responding to college basketball’s latest scandal, says the rule is “clearly not working for the college game.”

Silver wants to sit down with player-rep Chris Paul and Michael Jordan from the owner’s side to chart a new path forward.

Per Yahoo (via ESPN‘s “Mike and Mike”):

Silver, for his part, cited three things that have dramatically shifted. The scandals are one. “It’s clearly not working for the college game,” Silver said. Second is the increase in one-and-done players declaring for the draft. There were 16 last year. Silver said the average had been about eight per year.


“What’s really interesting to me is the last two No. 1 picks in the NBA draft, Ben Simmons two years ago and Markelle Fultz last year, both played with teams that did not make the NCAA tournament [LSU and Washington, respectively],” Silver said. “And I don’t think enough people are talking about that. That seems to be a sea change.


“It’s become common knowledge that these so-called one-and-done players, maybe understandably, are almost entirely focused on where they are going to go in the draft lottery. Not to say they don’t badly care about winning but … the stakes are so high in terms of the amount of money they can make over a long NBA career.”

Adam Silver ‘Rethinking’ NBA’s One-and-Done Rule