Allan Houston Is at it Again

by Marcel Mutoni

Allan Houston is talking about making a return to the League again. Um, why? Your guess is as good as mine here.

Houston, who (wisely) gave up on his comeback attempt last season, says (unwisely) that he’s ready this time around. Newsday has the details:

“I never thought of it as retirement,” Houston said. “I thought of it as, ‘I need a break’.”

“I am going to try and come back this year,” Houston said, adding that his agent has been in contact with a couple teams in the league. “I wasn’t really prepared for training camp, so at this point, I put myself in the best position to be ready before that, instead of trying to go in the middle of training camp.”

Allan, no one takes “a break” from the NBA and then casually strolls back into the fray. Especially not at the age of 37. You were a great shooter, one of the best around, and helped lead the Knicks to an improbable Finals appearance at the end of the previous millenia.

Thanks for the memories, and let’s just leave it at that.