Allen Iverson Responds to Tim Hardaway’s Crossover Criticism

Tim Hardaway claims that he had “the original killer crossover,” dismissing Allen Iverson’s move as a mere carrying violation.

Iverson heard Hardaway’s criticism, and responds that he carried the ball all the way to the Hall of Fame.

The Answer broke down his thinking when he broke out the legendary cross on Michael Jordan two decades ago.

Per Bleacher Report:

One of your signature moments involved crossing over Michael Jordan some 20 years ago. Do you remember what was going through your mind as you made the move?


Iverson: “I don’t think I thought about anything. I just knew he was guarding me. I just wanted to put my move to the test on the greatest player to ever play—that ever played the game. I didn’t think about it when it happened. I didn’t realize what had been done until the aftermath. […] ESPN’s and my teammates talking about it and my family and friends calling me and talking about it. I was just playing basketball. It was just a basketball reaction.”


Did you hear what Tim Hardaway said about your crossover?


Iverson: “Yeah, I heard about it.”


Any response?


Iverson: “I carried my crossover all the way into the Hall of Fame. So, there you go.”