Amar’e’s Season is Officially Over

by March 06, 2009

by Marcel Mutoni

Only perhaps the most irrepressibly hopeful of Suns fans expected to see STAT back on the court sometime this year, and that dream has met a swift death: Amar’e will see you next season, according to the guy who operated on his eye.

Stoudemire’s surgeon says the forward isn’t going to be able to return to the hardwood for the postseason.

From the Arizona Republic:

The out-for-the-season diagnosis for forward Amaré Stoudemire initially left a sliver of hope that the Suns star could return for the playoffs should they qualify. Out means out. And “season” means, “See you next season.”

“Not this season, not at all,” said Dr. Pravin Dugel, the Valley eye surgeon who operated on Stoudemire’s detached retina two weeks ago. “The Suns have the same goal – to make sure he can resume his career. It’s very difficult to explain to anyone how serious this is. It’s more serious than any knee or ankle surgery. The healing is excruciatingly slow and delicate.”

That doesn’t sound like a whole lot of fun.

As for the Suns and their fans, there’s a silver lining in all of this (kind of): right now, the team isn’t even in the Playoff race. So, you’ve got that going for you.