Anderson Varejao: Ready to Return

by Marcel Mutoni

The Cavs are on the verge of coming to terms with Anderson Varejao, now the last holdout from the squad that represented (albeit poorly) the Eastern Conference in the NBA Finals last season.

According to, though he won’t be getting the $60M/5-year deal he was looking for, Varejao is willing to accept a one-year deal and end the stalemate:

Varejao would be willing to accept a one-year deal worth the mid-level figure of $5 million, according to a source close to the free-agent forward.

“Andy wants to play,” the source said. “If that’s what it takes to get it done, he’ll do it.” “He was willing to do a one-year deal,” the source said.

“He just wasn’t going to do it for $1.2 million. He knows he’s worth a lot more than that.”

I guess GM Danny Ferry’s trip to Brazil did some good.

Five million seems reasonable enough, especially for a guy who’ll give you rebounding, boundless energy, and take approximately 17,000 charges from the opposition.

As one might expect, Varejo hasn’t exactly been keeping himself in the best shape during the holdout; dude is too busy enjoying the easy life in Brazil (can you blame him?)