Andre Drummond: ‘It’s Not Like They’ll Move Me Tomorrow’

by January 06, 2020

Andre Drummond was surprised to read that Detroit and the Atlanta Hawks were reportedly discussing a trade for the two-time NBA All-Star.

Drummond, however, doesn’t expect to be moved anytime soon, if at all.

The 26-year-old center says he is “not a quitter” and wants to end his career with the Pistons.

Per The Detroit News:

“(It was) the same way everybody else found out about it — on social media. That’s the new news source,” Drummond told The Detroit News on Saturday. “For me, I don’t really care to look at it. If it’s real, it’s real; if it’s not, it’s not.”

Drummond, who has one year left on his contract — a player option for $28.8 million — has been the subject of rumors for the past few seasons. The Pistons, who are 13-23 after Saturday’s win over the Golden State Warriors, appear poised to shift into a rebuild and with the uncertainty around whether Drummond will opt-in to his deal, are doing due diligence.

“I’m just here to play basketball. I can’t control what the front office does. If they make the move, they make the move. I can’t control that; I just have to play the game to the best of my ability,” Drummond told The News. “I’m here in Detroit now and that’s all that matters. So, until that day comes — if it does, or if it doesn’t — that’s not for me to know. I just keep putting this jersey on and keeping playing to the best of my ability.”

He said he’s spoken to coach Dwane Casey about the trade talk as well, but as was the case with former coach Stan Van Gundy in previous seasons, the message is clear.

“I mean, it wasn’t really much to talk about. He said, ‘You know it’s that (trade) time of year again,’” Drummond said. “There’s nothing that’s imminent; it’s not like they’ll move me tomorrow. Obviously, they’re listening, but I think I’m fine where I’m at.”

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