Andre Iguodala Sees Similarities Between Tyler Herro and Steph Curry

Andre Iguodala has no desire to compare breakout rookie Tyler Herro to two-time NBA MVP Stephen Curry but the veteran teammate of both definitely sees at least some resemblances.

I won’t compare them,” Iguodala told Michael Rosenberg of Sports Illustrated. “But [the] way they can handle the ball and get into their shots, Tyler shows some resemblances there.

Iguodala had a front row seat to Herro’s 37-point display in the Miami Heat’s Game 4 victory over the Boston Celtics on Wednesday and noted specifically what about Herro reminds him of his future Hall of Famer former teammate.

There are some resemblances in that he can get to his shot pocket off the dribble and off the shoot and catch,” Iguodala said.

Curry, of course, has been such a historically dominant shooter over the course of his career that his franchise essentially upended the NBA as we knew it. Herro has plenty of work to do to catch up to the perennial All-Star but he’s shown promise early on working with a similar skillset.

Herro has shot .378 from beyond the arc in the postseason thus far, down slightly from his regular season percentage of .389. What’s most impressive is the 20-year-old’s confidence to shoulder part of the offensive load on a team with legitimate championship aspirations.

The sheer depth of the Heat allows them to run the majority of their offense through a number of different weapons but Herro’s 37-point showing in Game 4 should give head coach Erik Spoelstra extra confidence to lean more heavily on his rookie.

We’ll join Iguodala in passing on the Curry comparisons and instead just appreciate what Kentucky product is doing so soon into his NBA career.