Andre Iguodala Thinks the NBA ‘Blackballed’ Mark Jackson for Religious Beliefs

Former Warriors head coach Mark Jackson has been “blackballed” by the NBA over his religious beliefs, according to Andre Iguodala.

Iguodala, currently on a headline-making book tour, says Jackson’s views clashed with Golden State’s leadership.

The veteran forward also dished on the Dubs misleading the public about a leg fracture of his during last year’s postseason (the team called it a “bone bruise”), and was candid about how race relations impact NBA players and their relationships with one another.

Per The Breakfast Club:

“It was the politics,” Iguodala said. “Once they want you out they’re going to find something.

“One particular issue — from what I heard — were his views on gender or marriage or what the Bible said on your sexuality. And the head of our business — he was just in the Hall of Fame — he was the brains behind the All-Star Weekend, this dude created the All-Star Weekend, Rick Welts, he’s a genius in business. He’s celebrated as one of the top execs in sports on the business side — and he is gay. So there was conflicts with that that was widespread.”

When asked if he believes the NBA blackballed Jackson, Iguodala responded: “I do.”

“He was the ultimate players’ coach,” Iguodala said.

“I talk about it in the book, as far as he was one of my favorite coaches of all-time, he was just like ‘come in, compete and play hard.’ He was gonna to put you in the best position to make the most money. Like there was players that got paid because of him that shouldn’t have gotten paid. He was like ‘Look, man: if you just do this, you’re gonna get paid, so I’m just gonna send you out there to do it. That’s all I want you to do, just do this. Just go get paid.’

“Remember when he said that Steph [Curry] and Klay [Thompson] were gonna be the best backcourt ever? They said he was crazy. This was seven years ago and then it came to fruition. But I feel it was the politics of it, man.”

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