Andrew Wiggins Says Comparisons to LeBron James and Kevin Durant Unfair

by October 23, 2013

Kansas Jayhawks star Andrew Wiggins is supposed to be the next big thing once he makes the jump to the NBA. Wiggins, though, is smartly trying to manage the outsize expectations fans and media have. Per ESPN: “Well, he hasn’t asked for any of it,’ head coach Bill Self said. ‘If you talk to him, he’s humble and a lowkey guy that deflects attention as much as anybody I’ve been around. But when you hear those things, it’s not fair. … He’s just Andrew.’ That’s not entirely true. Wiggins is the top recruit in college basketball since (Kevin) Durant. So it’s natural to point to a current NBA star he resembles. But Wiggins echoed his coach’s sentiment about the comparisons. ‘I’ve got a long way to go before I can be compared to LeBron (James) and Durant,’ Wiggins said. ‘Those are the best players in the world right now and I’m still in college. So I think it’s really unfair to compare me to someone of that caliber. Hopefully one day I can be compared to them, but I think I still have a long way to go before I can be.'”