Another Pacers Scandal. Seriously.

by February 28, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

The Indiana Pacers: Where Team Image Gets Destroyed On a Daily Basis.

So, let’s see here now: The Pacers have had to deal with their starting point guard getting chased and shot at by crazed gunmen; one of their other guards has a woman claiming she was raped at his house; and now, another one of their players is giving the organization’s PR people nightmares.

And this has all happened AFTER they got rid of Artest and S-Jax. It appears that in Indy, no matter what you do, the gulliness never stops.

A man wanted for murder in Memphis, Tenn., was arrested Wednesday night after leaving the home of Indiana Pacers forward Shawne Williams on the Northeastside, according to Indianapolis metropolitan police.

Curiously, the team has decided not to discipline Williams. They just politely asked him to stop hanging around dudes who are wanted for murder, I can only guess.

If I were a Pacer fan, I’d start showing up to the arena wearing a bullet-proof vest. You know, just to be safe.