Anthony Bennett Willing to Play in the D-League


Cleveland Cavaliers big man Anthony Bennett has undergone an awful rookie season, and he’s not above being sent down to the D-League to rebuild his game (and, above all, self-confidence). Per the Plain Dealer:

“It’s something I’d think about, for sure,” Bennett said before Tuesday’s game. “It’s not a bad thing, especially going down there, hopefully playing a lot, going out there, building my confidence.”

“It’s a learning process, and all I can do is just work hard, you know?” he said. “I’m just patient. I missed the whole summer due to the surgery, so I’m kind of behind in everything, trying to catch up on everything. Like I said before, the only thing I can really do is work hard. It doesn’t show much in the games, but in practice I’ve been going hard. My conditioning is a lot better. I lost weight and everything. So it’s coming along slowly.”

Bennett is averaging 2.4 points and 2.2 rebounds in about 10 minutes a game. He’s shooting just 26.9 percent (29 of 108). Much like Dion Waiters last year as a rookie, he relies too much on jumpers instead of driving to the basket. About a quarter of his shots have been 3-pointers. He has made just four, or 14.3 percent. To this point, the Cavs have resisted a Canton assignment, believing they can monitor his progress and development more carefully if he remains with the team.