Anthony Davis: DeMarcus Cousins ‘Went from a Teammate to an Enemy’

by July 31, 2018

By joining the Golden State Warriors, DeMarcus Cousins is now “an enemy” according to former teammate Anthony Davis.

AD, however, says he’s happy for Boogie.

Davis adds that he loves the New Orleans Pelicans’ offseason moves.

Per Complex:

How do you beat the Warriors?

AD: “Um…I haven’t had much success with that [laughs]. It’s really tough because they play so well as a team. They move the basketball, have the best shooters in the game, the best scorer in the game; you really have to play a perfect game. When they make their runs, you have to be poised enough to combat them. This game is about runs, when they go on theirs, you have to be able to go on runs, too.”

They need to put some shooters around you, bro. You guys need to bring Steve Novak out of retirement.

AD: “[Laughs] We’re fine. I love our team, I love what we’re doing and the direction we’re headed. We got a lot of guys that could shoot the basketball and make plays for others. The more shooters and other guys that become available, we’ll try to add them to what we have as well.”

How surprised were you when Boogie signed with the Warriors?

AD: “I mean, I’m happy for him. He did what he did. He chose the right team for his career right now with his injury, I’m assuming. I wish the best of luck to him and we’ll see him three maybe four times this year, and try to beat him. Now he’s the enemy. Anybody who’s not on the Pelicans is an enemy to me. He went from a teammate to an enemy.”

Anthony Davis ‘a Little Shocked’ DeMarcus Cousins Joined the Warriors