Are the Pistons Using Red Auerbach’s Old Tricks on Celtics?

by Marcel Mutoni

The stories of what Red Auerbach used to do to visiting teams at the old Boston Garden are legendary.

It’s widely accepted that Red would shut off the hot water in the opposition’s locker room, or turn the heat way up, and just generally make the other team’s stay in Boston as miserable as possible.

Well, now it looks like similar things are happening to Red’s Celtics.

“I told Joe [Dumars] after the game, ‘You can put the air conditioning back on now,’ ” Cassell said.

“I thought it was funny,” said Rivers. “I saw Flip after the game and he was talking about how hot their locker room was. I was like, ‘Yeah, right.’ “

Karma is a bi— ain’t it? She sure is.

Gotta love it, though. There’s nothing better than two old rivals using every last trick in the book to gain an advantage. While the gamesmanship may be great, it’s a shame the play on the floor can’t match the old Celtics/Pistons wars.