Arenas Wants to Stay in Washington

by Marcel Mutoni

He might not be on the court all that much this season, but Gilbert Arenas’s shadow continues to loom large over the Washington Wizards. He’s obviously their best player, and despite their recent success, no one is seriously expecting them to do much with him out of the lineup.

The good news, though, is that Gilbert sounds like he wants to stick around D.C. for a long time. From the Washington Times:

“If everything goes like it’s supposed to, I’m going to re-sign here,” Arenas said in a telephone interview. “If everything goes well I’m going to re-sign, we’re going to build something and hopefully my number one day will go up in the rafters.”

The above statement will surely come as a relief for Wiz fans, who had a bit of a heart attack when Arenas sounded non-committal before this season started about staying in Washington. Gilbert will opt out of his current deal next summer.