Baron’s All-Star Chances

by Marcel Mutoni

It’s worth noting that, following his epic first round Playoff performance against Dallas last summer, many skeptics shrugged and said, “That was great, but can he keep it up, and even more importantly, how long can he stay healthy?” Baron Davis has responded by having the best season of his career, and the man with a history of injuries has been something of an ironman along the way.

If you’ve caught any Warriors games this season, particulary in the fourth quarter, an All-Star nomination for B-Diddy seems like the most obvious thing in the world. But it’s not, especially in that brutally competitive Western Conference.

“He certainly deserves to (be an All-Star), and his numbers will speak for themselves,” Warriors coach Don Nelson said. “And our record is good enough that he should be considered by anybody. I would hope that he makes it … But hey, there’s a lot of competition. Somebody always gets left out that’s deserving.”

Coach Nelson, I presume, is talking about Chris Paul and Steve Nash, two guys having themselves outstanding seasons as well. Through no fault of his own, Baron could end up watching the mid-season classic on television like many of us, and that’s a shame.