Ben Gordon’s Agent Has an Active Imagination

by September 05, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

Earlier this week, I posted an item about Ben Gordon possibly being in talks with a Russian team. Gordon never released an official statement regarding the rumor, and now we might know why: His agent made the whole thing up. Awesome!

According to Andrey Vatutin, general manager of CSKA Moscow, there’s absolutely nothing brewing between Gordon and his ballclub.

From The Hoop (who were kind enough to translate the Russian text from Soviet Sport):

Soviet Sport says that they contacted Nikos Zabaras, a basketball reporter of the greek newspaper Fos and asked him about the article that was published on about Ben Gordon. Nikos Zabaras said that the agent of Ben Gordon wanted the article published on in order to increase the projected salary of his client.

“This whole thing is a dirty trick of the newspapers, we are NOT in negotiations with Ben Gordon,” said Vatutin. “At the moment all of our staff are currently on holiday. I’m personally on holidays in France and I haven’t heard anything about Ben Gordon.”

Someone is lying here, but is it the Greek reporter or BG’s agent? It probably doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things; all we know for certain is that the Gordon situation is far from being resolved.