Ben Simmons Wants to Be Unforgettable

by October 11, 2017

Ben Simmons is determined to make sure he’s not overlooked among Philadelphia’s coterie of young stars.

Simmons, 21, says he wants everyone in talking about his game this season.

Simmons was picked first overall in the 2016 NBA Draft by the Sixers, but missed his rookie season due to a broken righft foot.

Per Bleacher Report:

“That feels like ages ago,” Simmons tells B/R Mag over the summer, five months after learning his foot hadn’t healed properly.


“Now, I just want to play, so I don’t even care about that stuff,” he says.


But Simmons does care about one thing: being unforgettable. It’s his goal. His season-long foot injury stripped him of a chance to prove he is a bona fide star alongside Joel Embiid in Philly’s Trust the Process era. And when the Sixers picked up another buzzy No. 1 pick in Markelle Fultz in this year’s draft, Simmons almost became the de facto forgotten dude.


“I want to go in and make sure everybody remembers my name,” he says. “I want to get out there and play where everyone’s talking about me.”

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