Benny the Bull Can and Will Shoot You

by April 03, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

An otherwise forgettable season in the Windy City has provided a few key moments. The Skiles firing for instance; Tyrus Thomas’s distaste for authority figures; and now arguably the strangest NBA story to date: Benny the Bull, Chicago’s mascot, literally taking aim at opposing players.

Depending on who you ask, Benny fired his t-shirt gun on Tuesday night and two of the missiles shirts hit Kevin Garnett and James Posey. Posey then proceeded to act as though he’d just barely survived some kind of firefight.

“I felt threatened,” said Posey, who is considered a villain among Bulls fans for his tough fouls when he played for Miami, and was booed every time he touched the ball last night. “They already don’t like me here already.

“Two T-shirts were thrown at me and KG. I don’t feel safe. The T-shirts were fired out of that gun or whatever.”

KG’s reaction was, as you might expect, priceless: “We exchanged words,” said Garnett. Funny, I wasn’t aware that mascots could talk.

The Bulls, meanwhile, are denying the whole thing. Their claim is that a member of the spirit group the IncrediBulls tripped and accidentally fired off the t-shirt gun.

Benny the Bull, now officially the most gangsta of all mascots, had no comment.