Blake Griffin Played Handball in NYC (PHOTOS)

by October 12, 2015

This summer, Red Bull paired up Blake Griffin with athletes in other sports to give him some intense cross-training and captured it on camera. In the first of a three-part series called “The Crossover,” Griffin meets Timothy “Timbo” Gonzalez, a handball legend from the Bronx, New York. In Griffin’s words:

I want a long and healthy career. I want to be quicker, stronger, and I want to be a leader. I know that if I am going to take myself to where I want to go as an athlete and a person, I have to look at all my training options. The usual practice just isn’t enough—I want more of an edge over my opponents. Cross-training is so important because I can improve myself and have a lower impact on my body.

See photos from Blake’s training sesh up top, and watch Episode 1 of “The Crossover” here.


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