Bobcats Would Not Be ‘Punked’ By Celtics

by January 07, 2009

by Marcel Mutoni

Everyone knows that the Celtics talk a good game. It’s pretty much become their trademark, and the bane of their foes. They enjoy beating teams, and humiliating them in the process.

Last night, that wasn’t the case in Charlotte, as the C’s lost in an overtime stunner to the Bobcats. Larry Brown’s crew had a simple mission last night, which they accomplished with elan: Not to be punked.

From the Boston Herald:

Among the glut of instructions scrawled on the Charlotte Bobcats’ locker room greaseboard before last night’s game was the following advice regarding Kevin Garnett: “Don’t get punked.”

“They come out and they try to punk you,” Charlotte rookie D.J. Augustin said of the Celts. “You can’t back away from them. We let them know we weren’t intimidated.”

This is obviously a philosophy that more and more teams around the League are going to have to adopt, if they plan on having a chance against the C’s. Well, that and making Rajon Rondo shoot jumpers all night long.