Bosh Re-Assures Raptors Fans

by Marcel Mutoni

He may not like their booing very much, but Chris Bosh isn’t going to let that (or his team’s struggles this season) drive him out of town. Despite what “ESPN entertainer” Stephen A. Smith has to say shout.

Bosh emphatically denied a report by Smith this past weekend that he had informed Toronto’s front-office that he wasn’t re-signing with the team in 2010.

The Toronto Star reports the main parties’ responses:

“It was a surprise to me and I can’t be responsible for what other people say so …,” said Bosh, his voice trailing off in disgust. “I understand people are entitled to an opinion but making stuff up? We can’t do that. Let’s all be fair.”

“There’s no truth to the rumour or the speculation that he said anything to us in the organization, that he’s going to be leaving,” said [GM Bryan Colangelo]. “There’s no truth to the fact that he’s on the trading block or being shopped in any regard. “This is just another example of information that’s out there that’s not true … There just doesn’t seem to a lot of accountability with respect to the topic sometimes and that’s why we’re here today talking about it.”

As if you needed another reason to change the channel whenever SAS’s mug shows up.

So, there you have it Rapts fans. No need to step up to the ledge … yet.