Boston’s First True Test

by Marcel Mutoni

Technically speaking, the Boston Celtics (20-2) are the League’s best team. And it hasn’t just been because of the Big Three; the team gelled from the get-go, and they’ve played outstanding defense as a group.

There’s just one problem: The C’s have yet to play a meaningful game. That’s all about to change, though. The Detroit Pistons are in Beantown tonight, and it’ll be a chance for both teams to evaluate how they stack up against one another with a quarter of the season in the books.

The Pistons, considered for many years to be the class of the East, can’t wait to hit the floor.

“We just look forward to it,” Chauncey Billups said. “That’s the best team in the NBA right now. It’s been a long time since we’ve been able to say that going against another team in the Eastern Conference. They have been playing great, undefeated at home — we just look forward to the challenge.”

Must-watch regular season games are far and few in between; tonight is one of those.