Brent Barry is a Spur once again

by March 24, 2008

By Sam Rubenstein

For 30 days, the San Antonio Spurs were without the best flatfooted three-point shooting former slam dunk contest champion of all-time. Now Brent Barry returns to them.

“I’m very happy and excited to be back with the Spurs,” Barry said. “There’s definitely some peace of mind that there’s some finality to this.

“My focus now is getting back in basketball shape and trying to contribute to what this team is trying to do.”

What a Spur. Was he going to be a difference maker on any other team? Probably not. I’m sure he won’t do much for San Antonio in the playoffs, except for the one time he’s red hot and he hits six threes in a big win, and then is never heard from again until the champagne cork is popped.