Brook Lopez: Milwaukee Bucks Can Reach NBA Finals

by August 09, 2018

Brook Lopez thinks the Bucks can reach the NBA Finals next June.

The big fella says the team’s confidence has grown with LeBron James having taken his talents to Hollywood this summer.

Lopez, 30, inked a one-year deal with Milwaukee in the offseason.

Per Hoopshype:

With LeBron James heading West, a lot of East teams feel like the conference is wide open. Do you agree with that, and how good can this Bucks team be if you guys play to your full potential?

Brook Lopez: “Absolutely, we feel like that. We definitely think the East is wide open.

“It’s going to be such a fun, exciting time in the East and it’s going to be super competitive. There are a lot of teams that can do [big] things, from Toronto to Boston to Philly – you just go down the list and it’s clear that the East is as exciting as it’s been in a long time.

“I think we’re very confident that we can, no question, win the East.”

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